Private sessions

One-on-one sessions are available for all levels of practice.  Whether you are looking to start meditating or if you already meditate but have questions or would like some extra support, a private session is a great way to grow into your individual practice and to deepen your personal relationship with the Divine.



Meditation & Healing Session

Private 1hr 15min session with discussion about your spiritual path (questions, concerns and goals for meditation and other practices), guided meditation and healing (30-40mins), and prescription for essential oils and/or flower essences to support your energy. Melanie will prepare a personalized meditation plan for you to help guide your practice. Session includes 2 follow up emails for additional questions, comments or sharing. Via Skype or in person.

“Melanie truly has the gift for guiding you through the process of deepening your practice. I have already experienced growth in my meditation in the few times that I have been to see her. I would highly recommend her to anyone!” - NYC

“I have had a number of really beautiful meditation experiences being led my Melanie, she is a natural guide and well versed in the invitation process to deep yet gentle discoveries, that made me feel very welcome transitioning from the gritty plane of my busy life into the grace of a meditative state. Our sessions were live-in-person and via Skype, both were great.” - Manchester UK